Uses PHP, MySQL, Ajax and jQuery. It is a job board which allows both hire and work accounts to be created. Workers can create a profile which includes a portfolio and skillset display, they can see posted jobs and apply to them. Employers can search user profiles by skillset and send them invites to their jobs. Workers and employers can exchange messages.


Uses PHP, MySQL, Ajax and jQuery. It is an IM platform. Allows a block list.

RSS Reader

This is a RSS reader written in PHP, which uses jQuery with Ajax to get the feed content from a JSON object.

jQuery Items

Various jQuery animations and apps.


ArsUniversalis is the website of an NGO which does various charitable and artistic work. I used Wordpress in order to make it easily accessible for them to post all their events and activities.

Tatiana Pocinoc

The pianist Tatiana Pocinoc's personal site is a Wordpress powered, easily customizable site.